Does Fernando Alonso have kids

Updated: 12/13/2022
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No . Fernando Alonso is divorced and it doesn't have kids for now

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Yes fernando alonso has 48 kids

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Q: Does Fernando Alonso have kids
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What is Fernando Alonso real name?

Erm... Fernando Alonso.

What is Fernando Alonso's birthday?

Fernando Alonso was born on July 29, 1981.

When was Fernando Alonso born?

Fernando Alonso was born on July 29, 1981.

Where did Fernando alonso?

Fernando Alonso is driving for the Scuderia Ferrarichassis for the 2012 season.

When was Fernando Alonso - engineer - born?

Fernando Alonso - engineer - was born in 1956.

What sport did Fernando Alonso play?

Fernando Alonso does Formula 1 racing.

Is Fernando alonso still f1 champion?

Champions 2005 Fernando Alonso 2006 Fernando Alonso 2007 Kimi Raikkonen 2008 Lewis Hamilton

Are xabi alonso and Fernando alonso related?

No, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Alonso are not related. They have the same last name, but they are not family members. Xabi Alonso is a retired footballer from Spain, while Fernando Alonso is a Formula One racing driver also from Spain.

What nicknames does Fernando Alonso Casares go by?

Fernando Alonso Casares goes by Fernn.

Does Fernando alonso have children?


What number was Fernando Alonso's car in 2009?

Fernando Alonso raced with the #7 during the 2009 F1 Season.

What is the birthday of Fernando Alonso?

Fernando Alonso's was born on July 29th 1981, so his birthday is on July 29th.