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Q: Cheats for nhra countdown to the championship?
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What are some cheats for nhra countdown to the champioinship 2007?

press L2 AND R2 AT MENU AND ENTER 12345

Who has the most top fuel wins in nhra?

Larry Dixon was top fuel dragster champion in 2010, finishing the year with 2684 points. He beat 2009 champion Tony Schumacher by 102 points. Dixon won 12 races in 2010, including 3 in the Countdown to the Championship

What woman won the NHRA top fuel championship in 1977?

Shirley Muldowney won the Top Fuel championship in 1977.

Cheats for championship manager 2009 mobile?

sorry no cheats i am affraid

Is there any place were you can get cheats for world championship porker for the ps2?

How do you cheat in championship manager 2008?

There are no cheats for Championship Manager 2008. An exploit you can do to get money is to select a rich club and buy players from your own club.

How do you get Digimon passwords in Digimon world championship?

You just go on the website Digimon World Championship cheats and codes and it will show you the answer. or go to battle and look at YOUR digimon codes

Are there any Cheats for the game world championship poker for the computer?

yes there is one where you always have a better hand

Who is the winningest driver in all forms of motor sports?

don't know if he is the winningest driver, but John Force just won his 16th NHRA Funny Car championship. That's got to be close.

Can a front engine JR dragster be raced in the nhra?

No, not according to the NHRA rule book.

Are there any Ar cheats yugioh world championship 2008?

yestheir at codejunkies , tipe this in at google yaho or bing

Are there any cheats in world cricket championship?

when bowling, drop the ball a few inches (estimate) before the crease to get an easy out!