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Q: Carburetors are pouring fuel into exhaust on snowmobile?
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Why does your snowmobile backfire?

unburned fuel in the exhaust ignites

Do all cars have carburetors?

Yes, They are the component that fiters air and fuel to the exhaust. People tend to steal them off cars for scrap. Your car will sound like a junker and smell without one. Carburetors were pretty much phased out in the 1980's and replaced with fuel injection systems.

How many carburetors does a 2002 Yamaha yzf 600 have?

The yzf is fuel injected no carburetors

Why do you use the carburetors?

Carburetors are used on engines not equipped with fuel injection. Almost all small engines, such as lawnmowers, generators, and other small engine applications use carburetors. Carburetors are used to mix fuel and air in the proper ratio and channel it to the intake manifold of the engine. It is then sucked into each cylinder where the fuel air mixture is burned.

When did fuel injection replace carburetors?

Late 1987

Do 1997 Toyota Tacomas have carburetors?

NO, they are fuel injected.

What is the function of carburetors in a vehicle?

The functions of carburetors in a vehicle include to provide fuel to the inlet manifold of the vehicle. It then goes to the ignition chamber and supplies fuel at a metered rate.

Mercury Marine do the 4.3 alpha fuel injected have a carburetors?

If it is fuel injected it will not have a carburetor.

Does the 2.0 engine have carburetors or fuel injection for a 1998 Kia Sportage?

fuel injection

Does a 1988 ford F-250 have fuel injectors or carburetors?

Mine has fuel injectors

Two types of fuel delivery system?

Carburetors and Fuel Injection... also direct and indirect fuel injection.

What system does diesel engine uses instead of carburetors?

Fuel injection