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Some of them can, some of them can't. For example F1 and MotoGP both run at Sepang and Shanghai. But the track has to meet F1's and MotoGP's criteria so that both series can run on the track. An example for one criterion of MotoGP is that the track needs run-off area because if a driver falls on a road course you can imagine that he will be badly hurt because there are no run-off areas.

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Q: Can the tracks used to race the formula 1 cars would be used for Moto GP?
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Can you go on the motorway with a formula one car?

No. Formula One cars are specialized machines that are designed to run only in race tracks. They are not built like normal road cars and are not designed to last long like a road car. F1 cars require special race tracks to run them. Most importantly even if someone can afford to buy a F1 car he would need a super license to drive it and that license is granted only to drive them in race tracks.

What is wets used for on formula-one race cars?

Wet tyres are used in formula 1 on rain affected tracks to prevent slipping.

How and why have the chosen venues for formula one racing change over time?

cars have become more powerful needing faster circuits to accommodate the cars speed

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Micro Chargers are small toy race cars that run on toy tracks. You can build the tracks how ever you would like and as easy or difficult as you would like.

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How are formula 1 tracks made?

F1 tracks are not only for F1 cars but other forms of motorsport racing. they are built be makinga track by laying tarmac and adding features to it. However, the tracks used in F1 are suitable for F1 cars ie enough room to take other and have the ability o go around corners at various of speeds.

What did first the cars ever run on?

Rail tracks

What makes of cars used a moto-vox horn in the late 1920s to 1930?

Plymouth for one

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between 180-200 m.p.h. now if its on short tracks or road courses they would go between 105-140 on short tracks, on road courses they would go 60-150 m.p.h.

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What cars do they drive in Formula One?

Formula One cars - they're very unique!