Big wheels at front or back for speed?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Big wheels at front or back for speed?
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Are monster trucks big wheels in front or back?

They are the same size. BIG

What did the wagons look like?

flat top two wheels in back none in front accept ropes flat top two wheels in back none in front accept ropes

Why rear wheel are bigger than front wheel in a tractor?

its to do with gearing think about having small wheels on the back they.d never push the big wheels

Why are the front wheels on a bicycle from 1910 so big?

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How fast can a 125cc bike go?

as fast or slow as you want, it depends on the gearing, big front sprocket w/ little back sprocket = speed, small front big rear = torque but with a 14/42 you might reach 75-80 w/ wind at your back

What are the name of the cars with big wheels on the back?

They are called as bigfoot cars

Does a bigger rear sprocket make a pocket bike go faster at top end?

typically you want a a smaller sprocket in back and bigger one in front.. bigger one in back with stock in front will cause quicker acceleration small on back and big in front will cause you more speed but if you put a smaller one in back put a bigger one in front

How do you get a mouse trap car to go farther?

Have bigger wheels and a more powerful mouse-trap, like the really big ones that are a foot long and half a foot wide.

Why the front wheel of a tractor is smaller than rear wheel?

The front wheel(s) are only for steering and holding the front end up. The back wheels supply the power and must have traction. Making them big lets them carry big tires which keeps the tractor from getting stuck in muddy fields and keeps them from slipping so easily. The big lugs on the tires also help in that regard.

Which is better big wheels or small wheels?

big wheels because they are good for handling

Will 16 inch wheels fit on your 2006 Chevy 1500?

No front brake calipers are to big. If you must calipers can be machined down at a big cost.

How does a skatebord affect speed?

because the wheels come in diffrent sizes and if its big it will go slower and if its small it will go fast.