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about $53,000 a week end

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Q: How much money does a pro ATV racer make?
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How much does an ATV driver make?

An ATV driver? You mean an ATV racer.

How much does a professional ATV racer make for income?

The top 5 or so (factory racers) make about 6 figures

How much money do pro ATV riders make?

they make 10000 800

What are some video games that feature ATV racing?

The best known ATV racing game is MX vs. ATV Unleashed developed in 2006 by rainbow studios. Other popular games include Pure ATV Extreme, ATV Quad Racer and ATV GP.

How much does an ATV weigh?

Depends on the make, model, year and if it has fluids in it. Mini atv's can be picked up but large atvs can weigh 800lbs

How much does a Honda ATV factory worker earn?

They make between $50,000 and $60,000.

Who is the greatest ATV racer?

This site tells you who is considered the best, nice article. (excerpt and the site):Standing in Sakuma's path to the top of the podium will be a formidable counterpart on Suzuki, Doug Gust. The multi-time ATV champion is widely considered to be America's greatest ATV racer and would like nothing better than to send Sakuma back to Japan - the home of Suzuki ATVs - saying "Doug-san…VERY fast!"*

How do you make a ATV street legal in Texas?

get a texas lisence plate and put it on your atv

Can a credit card company repossess an ATV with no lean on the title of the ATV?

Did you buy the ATV with the credit card? Then yes Did you use the ATV a security for the credit card when you applied? The yes.

How much do tires for an ATV cost?

Tires for an ATV cost about fifty dollars to about eighty dollars. Additional Information: Before you make a purchase always try out the tire, and compare the two to see which is a better deal.

How much does a ATV mechanic make?

a good mechanic can make 60k plus a year but on average the pay is around 40k this i know because I am there service manager!

Can you make an ATV street legal in Florida?