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Sub saharan Africans or blacks

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Q: What race came first?
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What race of black people came to Chicago first?

== ==

What is primero in English?

Primero means first like if you came in first in a race

In the Space Race what came first?

sputnik-soviet satelite

Which runner ran the race in the least amount of time?

Obviously, the one who won the race. They came first, so ran the race in the shortest time.

Did secretariat win his first race?

No he didn't because it was his first race every and never has race with other horses in his life he was in the lead but then came another horse and his jockey fell and hit the mud face first

What is the name of the car that came first in Beijing to Paris motor race in 1907?


Which came first the Daytona 500 or the Southern 500?

The Southern 500 came first, the inaugural race was on September 4, 1950. The first Daytona 500 was on February 22, 1959.

In which race did Rubens Barrichello score his first Formula One points for brawn?

He scored his first points for Brawn GP at the Australian GP in Melbourne 2009 - the first race of the season and the first race for the team. He came in second place and scored 8 points.

Who was the first person in Africa?

The human race began in Africa, so the first humans came from there. There is no way of knowing or saying who was the first human in Africa.

What technological improvement came as result of the space race?

There have been many technological improvements that came as result of the space race. Satellites are a technological improvement that came as a result.

What does it mean you came out on top?

it means to win or be the best. example:if you were in a race, and you got first place, then you would have come out on top.

What does first mean?

First is before Second. FOR EXAMPLE: EX1 - If your in a race and you finish before every one else you came 1ST EX2 - If your playing a computer game and you score the most points you came 1ST

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