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its called japanese.try typing What are types of Japanese sports

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Q: What kind of sports do japans do?
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What are Japans main sports?

Sumo Wrestling

What is Japan other favorite sports?

Japans other favorite sports are baseball.

What are japans favorite sports?

My guess is baseball.

What kind of sports did babylonians?

what kind of sports did babylonians

What is Japans natural resources?

Japans natural resources are the ocean, the forest, and farming

What kind of sports can a astronaut play?

Almost all kind of sports. (On the Earth)...... In space, there is no time and/or environment for sports.

What kind of sports do they have in the Olympics?

summer sports

What kind of sports do Egypt have?

Egyptian Sports

What are some vocbaurlary of mt fuji?

japans house- the japans house!

What is Japans national bird?

the pheasant!

What kind of sports do Luxembourg play?

Wii Sports.

What kind of sports do A and M university have?

all sports