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Q: How much would Roger Maris' 61st home run ball be worth?
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What day did Roger Maris hit his 61st home run?

Roger Maris hit his 61st home run of the season on Sunday, October 1, 1961.

Did Roger Maris sign his 61st home run ball?


Who did Roger Maris hit number 61 against?

Boston Red Sox pitcher, Tracy Stallard, gave up Roger Maris's 61st home run on October 1, 1961.

Who was president when Roger Maris hit his 61st home run?

If you mean the American League President, it was Joe Cronin. The US President in 1961, when Roger Maris hit 61 home runs, was John F. Kennedy.

Who held the record for 61 Homers?

Roger Maris hit his 61st blast over the right field wall at Yankee Stadium. The first recor was held by Babe Ruth until Maris broke it.

Where is the home run ball that Roger Maris hit on October 1 1961?

Both the ball and bat from Maris' 61st home run can be found at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Who was the pitcher that gave up Roger Maris's 61st home run that broke Babe Ruth's home run record in 1961?

Tracy Stallard of the Boston Red Sox.

When Mark Mcguire broke Roger Maris home run record how many more games were there in a season than when Roger Maris played?

None, both played in seasons that had 162 game schedules. Maris hit his 61st home run in the Yankees' 162nd game of the 1961 season. McGwire hit his 62nd home run in the Cardinals' 144th game of the 1998 season.

What date in October did Roger Maris break Babe Ruth's single season home run record?

On October 1, 1961, Roger Maris hit his 61st home run breaking Babe Ruth's record.

What is the value of a 1962 Topps Roger Maris 'Blasts 61st' card number 313?

A 1962 Topps Roger Maris 'Blasts 61st' In action card number 313 has a book value of about $80.00 in near/mint -mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

What stadium did maris hit his 61 home run?

Roger Maris of the New York Yankees hit his 61st Home Run of the 1961 season off Tracy Stallard of the Boston Red Sox in the final game of the season at the old Yankee Stadium.

What controversy did Roger Maris have during his baseball career?

Maris failed to reach 61 in 154 games (he had only 59 after 154 games). He hit his 61st on October 1, 1961, in the fourth inning of the last game of the season, a contest between the Yankees and the Boston_Red_Soxat Yankee Stadium in front of 23,154 fans.Answers.comTracy_Stallardwas the pitcher who gave up Maris's 61st home run. No asterisk was subsequently used in any record books-Major League Baseball itself had no official record book, and Frick later acknowledged that there never was official qualification of Maris' accomplishment. However, Maris remained bitter about the experience. Speaking at the 1980 All-Star game, he said of that season, "They acted as though I was doing something wrong, poisoning the record books or something. Do you know what I have to show for 61 home runs? Nothing. Exactly nothing." Despite all the controversy, Maris was awarded the 1961 Hickok_Beltfor the top professional athlete of the year, as well as winning the American League's MVP Award for the second straight year. It is said, however, that the stress of pursuing the record was so great for Maris that his hair occasionally fell out in clumps during the season. Later, Maris even surmised that it might have been better all along had he not broken the record or even threatened it at all.