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There are English competitions all over the world. I live in lower central Texas in a small town, and it's not hard to find hunter jumper or dressage competitions near me, even though I ride western style. I know there are english competitions all over California, though depending in if it's more rural or 'country' where you are, western riding and cattle ranches are also popular. I do know that in places like Nevada or Utah where wild horses, horse and cattle ranches are common do not have as much english riding, but there are competitions and camps.

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Q: Are there English horseback riding competitions in the west?
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There are many different types of adventure sports to enjoy. Adventure sports range from surfing, to backpacking, skiing and different types of horseback riding. Horseback riding is a very traditional adventure sport. Before you begin your horseback riding adventure, you must decide what type of riding appeals most to you. Different styles or disciplines of horseback riding require different kinds of equipment, instruction and venues. Some of the most popular forms of horseback riding are Western style riding and English Dressage. Western style horseback riding is the most popular form of riding in the American Southwest. One of the hallmarks of Western style riding is the large saddle and horn to grab onto when the horse starts trotting or galloping. The stirrups are also quite large, which enables a novice rider to keep his or her feet more firmly planted in the stirrups. Cowboys in the Old West traditionally ride their horses Western Style. This form of horseback riding is very easy to learn and is a great way to take day trips into the wilderness on horseback. Western Style riding is also a popular competitive form of riding. There are a number of Western Style competitions that an adept rider can enter into during the summer months in the American Southwest. The prize for winning these competitions comes in both the form of money and fame. The horse riding style of Dressage is an English horseback riding discipline. This style of horseback riding is based on traditional European techniques of guiding a horse through a series of intricate maneuvers, such as through posts, around poles and over long and short jumps, as the rider and horse travel along a pre-determined course. Dressage techniques are usually practiced in a formal riding ring or on an established riding course. A dressage rider will learn to use his or her hands, feet and voice to work with and guide the horse along a challenging dressage course. Many dressage riders compete in competitions that increase in levels of difficulty with each ensuing win. The judges of a dressage competition evaluate both the rider and the horse for smoothness through the transitions, contact, relaxation and overall performance. This form of horseback riding is extremely disciplined and precise. A rider who loves an exacting form of competition will thoroughly enjoy the adventure of ascending levels of competitive mastery required to be an excellent dressage rider.

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