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to see which country has the most skillful players

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Q: Why was the World Cup invented?
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Who invented the footballl World Cup?

Mr Fredrick pip invented the football workd cup :)

In which country was the world cup invented?

I think it was invented in France.

What year did the World Cup become invented?

As Brazil won the world cup and kept it for good in 1970, the new rotating world cup came for the 1974 world cup.

Why was the cricket world cup invented?


Who invented the football world cup?

It was the French man Jules Rimet.

Who invented the lubricating cup?

Elijah McCoy invented the lubricating cup on July 23, 1872.

When was the cup holder invented?

It was made by James Guillow in 1943.

Who invented the oil cup?

(1843-1929)Elija McCoy, He invented the first oil cup for trains.

Where was the oil cup invented?

the lubricating oil cup was invented by Elijah McCoy on July 23,1872.

What are the advantages of England hosting the 2018 world cup?

The UK has the infrastructure to support the World Cup now, as opposed to building it for the event in 4 years time. England also invented the sport, which could also be seen as an advantage, and the climate's pretty good during the Summer months for a World Cup.

Who invented the World Cup?

The world cup was put together by FIFA president Jules Rimet. The first world cup took place in Uraguay in 1930. Selected nations were asked to join and a total of 13 teams took part. Uraguay were the eventual winners of the first world cup. The world cup trophy was named the jules rimet after the FIFA president.

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