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Barcelona are a very good team, they are young and play very well. They have won many trophies and even won six trophies in one year. They are the only ones to challenge Real Madrid each year.

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Because it is the way of life for people in Barcelona.

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Q: Why is soccer important to Barcelona?
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What is name of Barcelona soccer team?

FC Barcelona

What country is fc Barcelona?

Spain. [FC Barcelona is a soccer team FROM the city Barcelona.]

What is the name of Barcelonas soccer team?

FC Barcelona(Fútbol Club Barcelona)

Is Barcelona a soccer team?

Yes, they are a soccer team in spain

How many soccer bars are thee in Barcelona?

go to Barcelona and find out

Why did FC Barcelona become a team?

Because Barcelona had no soccer team

Who is arsenal or Barcelona?

they are soccer teams

What country is fc?

Spain. [FC Barcelona is a soccer team FROM the city Barcelona.]

Who is the most popular soccer team in the soccer league in Spain?


What is the other soccer team in Barcelona?

There is a lot of Soccer teams in Barcelona. If you want to know the teams in first divition, or the BBVA League, Barcelona FC and Espanyol are the two teams in Cataluña, Region of Spain where Barcelona is located.

What is the name of the pro football team in Barcelona like the NFL not soccer?

The Barcelona Dragons.

What sports do people play in Barcelona?

A popular sport to play in Barcelona is football (soccer).