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Captain Alexander "Aly" Borromeo. The people loves him for he can play as a striker, forward,defender(in National Games) and many more, we call him the ALL AROUND CAPTAIN :)

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Q: Who is the team captain in Philippine Azkals?
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What is the name of the Philippine team in soccer?

Philippines Team Azkals

How did the Philippine azkals started?

The Philippine Azkals started by just forming. People wanted a Philipino soccer team, so people tried out. Russians also joined so now, we have the Azkals.... Who obviously are not good enough to get into the Fifa World Cup... -.-

Who is the boyfriend of cristalle belo?

Jason Sabio of the Philippine Azkals

Does the Philippines have a SOCCER team?

Yes the have..They are called the Philippine National Football Team or as they are famously called the "Azkals". They were defeated by Sri Lanka in the qualifying match for the Fifa World Cup.

Is David Nugent Switching to Philippines Azkals Team?

No he is not going there.

What football team has Must supporters worldwide?

phillipine azkals

Which Soccer league are the Filipino Azkals in?

It's The National Team of The Phillipines

What is an Azkal?

Azkal is the nickname for the Philippine national football team. The team represents the country in international football competitions and is composed of top Filipino football players from around the world. The team's name, Azkals, is derived from the Filipino word "askal," which means "street dog," symbolizing the team's underdog spirit.

Where can you find the Philippine azkals on fifa 12 psp?

finish all the game modes like seasons,manager mode,tournament,be a pro, etc. if you fill up all the octagon box (pressing select button), you will unlock 2 leagues the UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE and SUPER LEAGUE GREECE azkals is in the UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE ^_^

How do you unlock azkals in fifa12?

win 100 game

What is captain in volleyball?

Captain of the team

Who is Australia's team captain in football?

Tim Cahill is the team captain for Australia's football team! (: