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Q: Who is the best farter is the world?
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Who is the best arm pit farter in the world?

Natalie Proctor of Dallas Texas is the best arm pit farter. Hands down, well arms down....

What does minimum mean in term?

the word minimum means the biggest tooter/farter in the world

What is the suffix for far?


What rhymes with arter?

Farter starter

Who were lazzaro spallanzani'a parents?

his farter was a lawer

Who are all the super heros?

Butt Man, Booger Boy, Stinky Stan, SuperDork, SpiderFisherMagic, and THE BEST of them all............ Fantastic FARTER! Lolllllzerss;]

Who collected taxes for Henry VII?

james farter

Is eysteinn the farter a real viking name?


What is a good nickname for the name carter?

Carter the Farter

What kind of explorer was leif eriksson?

he whent it to be lack his farter

What is the term for a flat area that streches beyond the bands of a river?


What do call someone who farts?

Someone who farts can be called a farter.