Who is ksiolajidebt?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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KSIOlajideBT, also known as JJ or Olajide Olatunji, is a professional Youtuber who is from the area of Watford, and makes FIFA videos, and also has a second channel, KSIOlajideBTHD, on which he plays other random games.

KSI plays FIFA, and also does sketches and other sorts of videos. He currently has nearly 2.5 million subscribers, as of June 2013.

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Q: Who is ksiolajidebt?
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The reason is a big youtube partner named KSIOlajidebt (in my opinion, one of the best, and i subscribe to him) , this guy has a massive following, he has over 83 million youtube video views. He uses heskey in many of his video's. In a matter of fact when Heskey is mentioned, people think of KSIOlajidebt.

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I'd like to know it too.

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he dosent have a birthday if he had 1 it would be on a leap year y dont you follow me on twitter u can ask me questions all day thats were its going down : ksiolajidebt or jj olajidebt

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