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Q: Who is Tamil Nadu's sports secretary?
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Tell you the names of Tamil nadus landmarks?


How many women representatives are there in tamil nadus government?

there r 5!

Who is the Tamil Nadu secretary?

Aparna reddy

What is the favourite sports of Tamil Nadu?


What mean atheltic in Tamil?

athletics is a collection of sports- in tamil thadakala vilaiyaaddu- தடகள விளையாட்டு.

Who is the tamilnadu higher education secretary?

As of October 2021, Dr. T. Udhayachandran is the Higher Education Secretary for Tamil Nadu.

What are the sports of Tamil nadu?

Kabbadi, and you get more information about it in wikipedia.

Sports minister for Tamil Nadu from 2009?


Who is the present chairperson and secretary - general of the national human rights commission in Tamil nadu?

who is the present chairperson and secretary general of national human rights commission

What is the name of the cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Sports Culture and the Arts in Kenya?

The cabinet secretary of the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and the Arts is Hon. Dr. Hassan Wario Arero.

What are the roles of a secretary general in sports administration?

the answer phone calls

Who is the secretary of Department of Education Culture and Sports?

Honourable Mandarossa