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Q: Who has been deported from Canada?
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How do you find out if someone has been deported from Canada?

how do I find out if some is deported from canada

Can you enter Canada after being deported from US?

I suppose you long as you havent been deported from canada..or have any felonies there...

Can person apply for a student visa to Canada if they have been deported from the US?

Yes, Canada is its own country.

Can you Go To Canada If Deported From UK?

That depends on why you were deported from the UK.

Can drive to Canada from México if you have been deported from the us?

No; you would have to cross US' territory. The only way to get to Canada from Mexico in your situation is by taking a direct flight.

Can a deported Mexican work in Canada?


In The Proposal where does Margaret risk being deported?


How many Indian students are deported from Canada?


What circumstances would help you to stay in Canada?

If you got arrested in Canada and you didn't get deported.

How do you get someone deported who got citizenship through marriage?

Get them to visit you in your own country, since you will almost definitely not be allowed back into the USA.

What happens when someone is deported to Albania from Canada?

Absolutely nothing.

Will Justin Bieber be deported back to Canada?

There is a small possibility that Justin Bieber could be deported if he is charged with a felony. It is highly doubtful.