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Q: Which two provinces produce nearly 50 percent of Canada's mettalic minerals?
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What city produces 25 percent of Canadas manufacturing output?


What percent of canadas' power does Nuclear fission produce?

About 15 percent - see Wikipedia 'Nuclear power in Canada'

Which country produces about 47 percent of eorld minerals?

China produces about 47 percent of the world's minerals.

In which two provinces do 50 percent of Canadians live?

Ontario and Quebec

What percent of Canada's ten provinces begin with a consonant?

Eight out of Canada's ten provinces begin with a consonant, which represents 80% of the total. The only two provinces that start with a vowel are Ontario and Alberta.

Where does 80 percent of Canada's population live?

undr the sea

How are silicate minerals different from non-silicate mineral?

Silicate minerals are can make up more than 90 percent of the earth's crust, the rest is made up of nonsilicate minerals, 10 percent.

Is good soil 40 percent minerals 23 percent water 23 percent air 7 percent organic and 8 percent living material?


A solution is saturated with dissolved minerals - what will happen if 50 percent of the water in the solution evaporated?

When 50 percent of the water evaporates from a saturated solution, the concentration of the dissolved minerals will increase as the same amount of minerals now remains in a smaller volume of water. This may lead to the precipitation of some minerals, resulting in the formation of solid crystals at the bottom of the container.

What percent of the earth is made up of crust?

Silicate minerals

Name four minerals that are100 percent imported into the US?


What item is found naturally in soil?

Soil is made of 45 percent minerals, 25 percent water, 25 percent air and 5 percent is dead organic matter.