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BC, Alberta and Ontario are core to Canada's funding.

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Ontario, Alberta and BC make up Canada's core funding provinces. The others take or get more than they give.

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Q: Which provinces make up canadas core?
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What countries make up Canada core provinces?

Canada is a country itself made up of provinces and the provinces that make up the core provinces are Quebec and Ontario being at the center of the country and the largest of the confederation. ------------------ Neither Ontario or Quebec is the centre. Manitoba is the Centre of Canada. Ontario and Quebec have the most population and political power. When it comes to provinces paying more into Confederation, keeping it viable, they are Alberta and Ontario and sometimes BC and Newfoundland.

What provinces make up Canada's core?

By Canada's core I'm guessing you mean central Canada. Central Canada is made up of two provinces; Ontario and Quebec. ---------------- Manitoba is Central Canada.Ontario and Quebec have the largest populations and political power. The core provinces paying more into Confederation than they take out is Alberta and Ontario and sometimes BC.

What 3 provinces make up the Pairie Provinces of Canada?

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba make up the prairie provinces of Canada.

How many provinces and capitals make up Canada today?

there are 10 provinces and 3 territories

What make up the Prairie Provinces?

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Which Provinces make up the Praire Province?

The New Foundland

How many provinces make up the country of Costa Rica how many provinces make up the country of Costa Rica?

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How many states make up canada?

There are 10 Provinces in Canada

How many province and territories make up canada?

13 teritories 10 provinces 3

What three provinces make up all Canada provinces?

Canada has ten provinces, not three. You are probably talking about territories. The three territories are; Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.