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Q: Which is not a major oil producing nation?
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Indonesia is an oil-producing nation?

Yes. It is the second largest oil-producing nation in Asia; second to China.

Who is the major beef producing nation of South America?

Argentina is the major beef producing nation of South America, closely followed by Brazil.

HowEach is a major world oil-producing area except?

Antarctica is not a major oil-producing area due to its extreme climate and environmental protection regulations that restrict oil extraction.

Who is a cartel of oil producing nation?

There are several Saudi Arabia and Iran are two.

Major oil producing country in south america?


Where are canada's major oil producing regions located?


What small oil producing nation is a peninsula located on Saudi Arabia's border?


The largest oil producing nation in Africa is?

Algeria, Angola and Nigeria are the top three oil producing nations in Africa, with Angola and Nigeria very closely ranked.Now Nigeria

What are the 5 major oil producing countries of the world?

The five major oil-producing countries in the world are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, and China. These countries collectively account for a significant portion of global oil production and reserves.

What nation is oil a major producers?

Canada, Mexico, United States, and Venezuela

One of the world's major oil-producing regions is located along Mexico's?

Is it the central plateau

Highest producing oil well?

The highest producing oil well in the world is the Ghawar Field in Saudi Arabia. It has produced over 65 billion barrels of oil since production began in the 1950s and continues to be a major contributor to global oil supply.