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Q: When does a contract become binding in Canada?
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When does a buyout addendum become binding on a brokerage?

When the licensee or managing broker signs the contract.

Factor that can validate and invalidate a binding contract?

Factors that can validate a binding contract are signatures from all parties and a fulfillment of obligations. A factor that can invalidate a binding contract is undue stress caused as a result of the contract.

What are Legally Binding Contract Terms?

The text set forth in any contract explains its terms. Once the parties have signed all the provisions in the contract become mandatory as between the parties.

Is an amendment in a car insurance policy legally binding?

Yes, An insurance policy is a legal contract of indemnity. Amendments and endorsements are changes that become a part of that contract.

Can a minor put a house under a contract?

No. A minor cannot sign a binding contract.No. A minor cannot sign a binding contract.No. A minor cannot sign a binding contract.No. A minor cannot sign a binding contract.

DOES a notarized document become a binding contract?

The notary seal and notary's signature does not make a document a binding contract. The signatures on a contract can be notarized. However, when a document if notarized, the notary is simply stating that to the best of their knowledge the signature is that of the person signing the document. In other words, the notary verifies a signature that they witness. A contract would be binding once the participants sign it in front of the notary and the document is notarized.

What do you meant by contract?

A contract is a legally binding agreement.

I'm emancipated by marriage can I sign a legal binding contract in the state of Colorado?

Yes, you can sign a binding contract.

what are Difference between a contract and an agreement?

a contract is LEGALLY BINDING, an agreement is not necessarily legally binding depending on the circumstances

Is the contract for a timeshare legally binding?

Yes, a contract for a timeshare is legally binding. However, the contract usually has an opt out period of at least ten days. The salesperson can also choose to let you out of the contract.

Is a college catalog a binding contract in Virginia?

A college catalog can be a binding contract in Virginia if the college requires this. Not all colleges in Virginia make their college catalogs binding contracts.

Can a 12 year old make a legally binding contract?

Yes, a 12 year old can form a legally binding contract.