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7am to 10am in the morning and 4pm to 7 pm in the evening

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Q: What time is rush hour in Canada?
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What time is morning rush hour in Ontario Canada?

between 7:30am - 9:15AM

What does rush hour mean?

"Rush Hour" is the time when traffic is at its peak - when everyone is rushing for work or home, and things are hectic.

Do you say in the rush hour or on the rush hour?

during the rush hour

Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

Google or Quora said: Rush hour is rush hour because it's essentially gridlocked by that time, right around when most everyone on the roads needed to get somewhere an hour ago and are currently stuck waiting in line.

How many Rush Hour movies?

There are currently three films in the series : Rush hour 1 - Rush Hour 2 - Rush Hour 3 .

Why is it entitled rush hour?

If you think, you can figure this out. What do most people do on the way to and from work? They rush to get there on time or to get home.

Does 'rush hour' mean peak hour?

AnswerNo. Peak hour means rush hour. We Brits got in first, there was no need to change a perfectly good phrase.It makes more sense to Americans because we've come to recognize the word "rush" with meaning "in a hurry". We call it "rush hour" because everyone's busy trying to get to work on time (in the morning) or make it home with time to eat dinner and relax (in the afternoon).

What time is rush hour in Montreal?

anywhere from noon to 7 pm.

What time is rush hour in the morning?

Around 5:30 or so.

When are the busiest times of day for motorway services?

Generally speaking "rush hour" is the busiest time of the day. First, there's the morning rush hour to get to work. Then, there's the evening rush hour traffic to go home from work. On Friday evening, there might be a rush to get out of the big city and get away from the city for the weekend.

What time is rush hour traffic?

Generally, the rush hours are when students go to their institution and come back after break. In certain cities, people are always in rush.

What time is rush hour in Washington DC?

Around 5:30 or so.