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NO!!! Cricket is not the most popular. Baseball and Rugby they are the most popular yes cricket is the second most popular sport in the world next to soccer which is the most popular

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Not as far as I've experienced, and I've lived here all the 20 years of my life, football (or incorrectly: soccer) is the biggest and most mainstream sport here, with Rugby close behind

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probably yes

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Q: Is cricket the most popular sport in the UK?
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What is the most popular favorite sport in UK?

the most popular favourite sport in the U.K. is football and cricket.

What sport was the most popular?

Cricket - it is the main sport in most of the high population county's such as India... it might not be big in the USA or UK but it is.

What sport is in UK?

Many sports. The most popular seem to be: Football Rugby Tennis Golf Cricket Horse racing Formula 1 (if you classify that as a sport)

Why is football the most popular sport in the UK?

Football is not the most popular sport in the UK, surprisingly it's fishing

What are the top 10 most popular sport in the uk?

Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Darts, Swimming, Rowing, Hockey, Athletics and Netball

What is most popular pastime in UK?

playing cricket

What is the sport in the UK?


What are the favourite sports in the UK?

Football, rugby, tennis and cricket? I think they would be most popular.

Most popular sport in the UK?


Very popular sport in India and UK similar to baseball?

Cricket is the number 1 team and spectator sport. Soccer is number 2. Cricket overtook soccer in the late 80s after India won the Cricket World Cup.

Most watched sports in the UK?

The Most Watched Sports in the UK is Football, only because you cant get away from it, its always on the TV, the second most watched sport at the moment is Cricket when Football is not on that is, but if you would like to know what the second most popular sport is. well its Hockey ("Field") after Football that is but unfortunately it is hardly on the TV at all and Rubgy, Cricket is probably in the top 5

Which indoor sport is the most popular in the UK?