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Q: How much did napoli pay for maradona?
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Did maradona play for a club?

Yes Maradona played for the following clubs, Boco Juniors, Barcelona and Napoli.

Diego maradona play for during 1984-1991?


How many goals did Diego Maradona score for Napoli?


Who did deigo maradona play for?

Argentina was his international team napoli was his club

Did Diego maradona used drugs?

Yes Maradona had used both cocaine at Napoli and ephedrine in the 1994 world cup.

What team did Diego maradona play for during 1984-1991?

Diego Maradona played for Boco Junior Barcelona and Napoli.

Did maradona play for ac Milan?

No, Maradona played for Italian team Napoli from 1984 to 1991. He never played for AC Milan.

What soccer team did Diego maradona play for during 1984-1991?


What british team has Diego maradona played against?

The only European club he played for are Barcelona and Napoli.

What soccer team did maradona play on?

None, he coaches Argentina. no he was a player too when he was younger and i think his first was Barcelona

What drugs did maradona take?

Maradona the Atgentinan footballer was guilty of taking the drug Cocaine, while playing in Italy for the club Napoli. And in the 1994 world cup he was thrown out of the world cup for taking the drug ephedrine.

In which Italian city did Diego Maradona play football?

He played for the Italian club side Napoli (Naples).