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Q: How many women spies are there?
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What did all women spies have in common?

They were all spies

In what war did women first work as clerks and spies?

Women may not have worked as clerks till World War I, but women worked as spies in many wars including the American Civil War and the Revolutionary War.

What role did women play in the American Revolution?

Women acted as nurses, cooks, and spies. Many underestimated women, so as spies, they were able to go into high-ranked British rooms, where strategies were discussed, and remember the important secrets. As nurses, they helped save many lives.

Did spies in the civil war carry weapons?

Yes - even the women spies.

Who has the best hearing teachers young children undercover spies or old women?

undercover spies

How did spies influence the outcome of the American Civil War?

Spies especially women spies helpes influence the out come of the civil war in depth they carried very important information to and from the soldiers without women spies the whole outcome of the war could have changed

During the civil war many women became?

Many women became nurses, some became spies, and some became soldiers (disguised as men of course). Many more women became widows.

Why were women good spies in the civil war?

Because no one suspected women.

Were woman of the north spies?

I..... what? do you mean during the Civil War? Yes, occasionally women of both sides were not necessarily spies, but they would pass on what knowledge they gained. It was mostly men who were official spies. also, it's women for plural.

What did the women spies do in world war 2?


Who were spies in the civil war?

there were three women spies belle boyd,elizabeth van lew,and rose o` neal grennhow.

When women were spies in the civil war what did they eat?

Harriet Tubman