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Q: How do you transfer in new star soccer?
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Where you can download game New Star soccer 3?

Go to and type in New star soccer 3,4,2010

How do you cheat money in new star soccer 1?

you carnt

When was Star Soccer created?

Star Soccer was created in 1965.

Can you sign up for soccer in winter?

Footballers join their new clubs in the January transfer window.

How do you become a soccer star?

be good at soccer =]

Is it possible to transfer purchased extra's to a new game on Lego Star Wars 2?


When was National Star Soccer League created?

National Star Soccer League was created in 2010.

When was Zimbabwe Soccer Star of the Year created?

Zimbabwe Soccer Star of the Year was created in 1969.

Do they sell soccer captain badges in soccer star?


What age do you retire at on new star soccer?

I don't know but I'm still going age 36!

How do you be a good soccer star at young age?

Play soccer frequently.

What is it called when a soccer player changes club?

a transfer