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Q: How are contestants for tournment of champions selected?
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How do contestants qualify for jeopardy tournment of thampions?

Producers make the final selection and the candidates are from previous winners

How did they select contestants for the Ultimate Tournament of Champions?

"The tournament involved 145 contestants, all of whom were winners of past tournaments or past five-time champions, and was designed to produce two contestants who would face off in a three-game, cumulative-score final against Ken Jennings, who had won the most money in Jeopardy! regular play history"see related linkThe selection criteria does not mean that there could not be reasons the contestant was not on the show. Health, career and a wide range of reasons could prevent a contestant from appearing in the tournament and the 145 is the number who were contestants not the number selected by Jeopardy.

Why was Kim Worth or Steve Fried not in the Ultimate Tournament of Champions?

The must not have met the criteria for the contestants which would include availability to participate see related link on Ultimate Tournament of Champions for the names of the 145 contestants. Kim Worth was 1st runner up in season 13 tournament of champions. Steve Fried was 2nd runner up in the 2000 tournament of champions

What can i write a sentence of '' the champions swept the board?

The scoreboard began with eight names including last year's champs; and, due to the unpreparedness of the new contestants, the champions swept the board, winning almost all the games.

How do you have to be to be on the wheel of fortune?

I think you can be any age over 6 or 7 because sometimes they have mom and daughter week or father and son week; things like that. You can not be that young and be on the show. Most contestants are over 18 but they have allowed contestants to be on the show as young as 14 or 15. They decide who will be a contestant and it is definitely not a random selection, but a producer's choice for the 600 contestants selected each season. Just to put in an teen application you must be between 13 and 18 and currently enrolled in a high school. There are very few teens selected for the 600 contestants that are selected from over a million applications.

How do you unlock the tornament on adventurequest worlds?

For the tournment in AQWorlds you must first go to yokaiboat and finish there. You'll arrive at Akiba, a Japense-based town where the tournment is being held. Go inside the tournment and battle!

How do you get on couples Wheel of Fortune?

Contestants are selected through a registration process and from Wheelmobile events to have an audition. Restricting yourself to the shows with 3 sets of 2 contestants greatly reduces selection possibilities than are very very slim to begin with.

Which is the oldest football tournment in India?

katrina cup

Who is the creator of a sword fighting tournment on roblox?


How old do you have to be to go to wheel of fortune?

Most contestants are 18 yrs. or older but sometimes they have accepted people who are 13-16, but never younger. A person in his teens might be capable of playing Wheel of Fortune. But it is a TV Show that is a business, depending on ratings to maintain the huge prizes. The Kids Wheel of Fortune was soon cancelled because of lack of viewer interest. They have had a few shows where the contestants have been under 16. They choose 600 contestants a year and a few more because they might need alternates if for any reason a contestant cannot be on the show. The contestants are not randomly chosen, but must audition and are then selected. The are selected based on perceived viewer appeal by the producers of the program.

When was the first world cup tournment?

It was in 1930. Uruguay hosted and won it.

How many countries will play in the world cup tournment 2010?

32 countries