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Q: Did john Davis effect Canada
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What is the island off the west coast of Canada named after an English explorer?

john davis

What has the author John Robert Canada written?

John Robert Canada has written: 'The effect of risk and uncertainty in economic analyses of investments in capital assets'

Who is in John Davis's family?

John Davis had a boy.

What is the birth name of Stephen John Davis?

Stephen John Davis's birth name is Stephen John Davis.

When was William John Davis born?

William John Davis was born in 1848.

When did John Davis Williams die?

William John Davis died in 1934.

What has the author John Merle Davis written?

John Merle Davis has written: 'Davis: soldier, missionary' -- subject(s): Missions 'Davis'

When was John Davis born?

John Davis was born on January 13, 1787.

When did John J. Davis die?

John J. Davis died in 1997.

When did John Brewer Davis die?

John Brewer Davis died in 1817.

When was John Brewer Davis born?

John Brewer Davis was born in 1741.

When did John Philip Davis die?

John Philip Davis died in 1862.