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Q: Can you Sleep at a Rest area in Canada?
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What should you do when you're sleepy?

Find the nearest rest area and sleep

When was Sleep Country Canada created?

Sleep Country Canada was created in 1994.

What is the population of Sleep Country Canada?

The population of Sleep Country Canada is 674.

How do you write sleep and rest in french?

to sleep and rest is translated 'dormir et se reposer' in French.

When did nationalism become apparent in Canada?

Nationalism became obvious in Canada when Quebec tried to become separate from the rest of the country. Quebec has a prominently French speaking population and, by area, is Canada's largest province.

How large is the western land area compared to the rest of Canada?

Compared to every other part of Canada (North, East, and South) Western Canada is smaller is size, and population. ... And we do not live in igloos! XD

What had long lasting tensions the rest of Canada?

french Canada

What is the poem that begins with the line Rest easy sleep well your brothers?

It is by Marc Fisher "Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well...."

What is the relationship between Toronto and Canada?

Toronto is a city in Canada. =================== The rest of Canada is jealous of Toronto. At times, the feeling borders on hatred. What especially irks the rest of Canada, however, is that Toronto doesn't care what the rest of Canada thinks about it.

Is sleep a rest to body or soul?

body. you sleep because you need to rest your muscles or because you have so little energy that your brain forces you into sleep to conserve what is left.

Do you sleep with tonsillitis?

no you do not but when have it, it is useful to get rest.

How does your body react to rest?