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Why don't you just look in the book? but he describes it as Miserable laborious and short page 6.

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Q: How did old major describe the lives of he animals?
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How does Old Major describe the equality of the animals?

all animals are equal but some are more equal than others

Is it true that old major lives through the revolution?


What does Old Major say is the reason which the animals have such miserable lives?

They live such horrible lives because they do endless work and backbreaking labor only to be treated very poorly (not getting fed, abused, even killing) Hope this helps! :)

What does Old Major's skull symbolize in Animal Farm?

Old major referred to the animals as comrades

Who does Old Major declare to be the enemy of all animals in animal farm?

The animals see "Man" as the enemy because "Man" take away all the animals production that they made away from the animals.

What is the song old major sings to the animals at the end of chapter one in the book animal farm by George Orwell?

He says it is horrible. The animals labor tirelessly for the humans in exchange for a meager amount of food. The animals are forced to give up their young, and are inevitably killed before they reach a mature age. Horses are whipped, pigs are bred to be killed for pork and bacon, and cows milk is taken to feed humans. With the exception of Old Major, the animals have lived miserable lives under the dictatorship of the farmer, Mr. Jones. Old Major calls upon the animals, telling them that a revolution will happen soon and change the horrible state they live in.

In Animal Farm old major is what animal?

Old Major is a prominent character at the very start of the book, where he makes a speech about All animals being equal.

Did Old Major in the animal Farm have Theories?

Yes, Old Major had theories regarding the exploitation of the animals by humans and the need for a rebellion to establish a society where animals could live free from oppression. He introduced the concept of Animalism to inspire the animals to seek a better life for themselves.

What was the name of the old pig that gave all the animals a lecture in animal farm?

Old Major .

Who had a strange dream he wishes to communicate to the other animals?

Old Major.

What is the central message in Old Major's speech in the barn?

Old Major's speech was saying that Humans were treating all the animals poorly and that animals needed to retaliate. Major didn't want the humans to be in control forever and wanted all animals to be free from abuse. He taught them a song that soon became somewhat of an anthem for the animals. Major's speech was the starting point for the rebellion that would follow.

What do the animals call the system of thought that old major has taught them in animal farm?

The animals call the system of thought that Old Major taught them "Animalism." It revolves around the idea of animals overthrowing their human oppressors and living in harmony with each other.