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AND THE WINNER IS...OR ISNT...Most people answer this incorrectly as now you're in first place. But you're not, you're in second place. Your originating position is third place. When you overtake the second place runner, you are now the second place runner. WRONG!

It never says you finished

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Q: You overtake the second place runner what position are you?
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What position are you in when you participate in a race and you overtake the second person?

You were third; when you overtook the person in second place you became the new second place runner the former second place is now third.

Who was the runners-up team?

well a runner up is in second place so any team that is in second place is a runner up team

What is the name of the third person who wins in a competition?

The third place win is usually referred to as the second runner up. The winner is first, the runner up is second, the second runner up is third.

What is another word for runner-up?

Second place,after first,second bestsecond rateloser

If you are running in a race and you passed the person in second place what place are you in?

If you "over take" a person in any position/place, you obviously finish in that person's position/place. You finish in Second.

What is the prize for achieving second place in the FIFA World Cup?

$24 million for runner up.

If You are participating in a race and you over take the person who is second what position are you in?

Second place

What is The second position past the decimal?

the hundredths place

What is second place in the Olympics?

a dang good position to be in

What is difference between a winner and a runner up?

A winner is the person or team that comes in first place in a competition, while a runner-up is the person or team that comes in second place. The winner is typically the one who achieves the ultimate goal of the competition, while the runner-up falls just short of that goal.

What medals are given at the Olympics for first second and third position?

Where is the fastest runner in the 4 by 100 place?

Usually the anchor leg is the fastest person. Then it would be followed by the second leg.