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yes, the Mechanik STI headset houses campy spec 45/45 integrated bearings, so it will work with a fork with an integrated race. Only difference is you wont need the press on crown race.

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Q: Will the Mechanik STI Sealed Headset fit with campy spec forks?
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What is a headset on the scooter?

a headset is what holds the forks to the headtube and to the bars and makes them spin

Do district forks fit on a mgp nitro?

yes they will if you have a district headset

Will district headset fit razor stock forks?

no it will not you need a threadless fork

Can standard bars fit on a threadless forks?

I believe so but you need to have a threadless headset

Is the District V2 deck threaded?

No deck is threaded it is the headset and the forks that can be threaded or threadless

What do you need to be able to fit a blunt deck to district bars?

Good headset and forks

Will madd gear pro forks work on any scooter?

if you have a threaded headset yes, but if you have a non threaded headset you will need to get threadless forks instead... I'm not sure if madd do make threadless forks other than the ones off the madd gear pro nitro and ninja which have a different shape. hope this helped :)

Does an intergrated headset fit threaded forks?

Yes it does, taking in the consideration that you have an integrated scooter deck.

Can a integreded headset fit a thredless fork?

Yes - Providing the Deck takes a Integrated Headset? You need to find this out first. Scooter forks are normally the same diameter, Just depends on whether your take takes Integrated Headset cups?

Would a Eco Anodized Threadless Headset fit on a slamm outbreak limited editon scooter?

well, short answer, yes, long answer, no. i have a slamm outbreak pro 1, and have an eco headset on it, but you will need to chuck the original threaded forks, and get threadless ones (mine are the grit threadless ones, built like a tank!), and you will also need a compression kit. but overall, yeah, you can if you wanna spend 40 quid on a not particularly good headset. in my opinion, get one with sealed bearings.

What holds the bmx bike and handlebars together?

The forks go through the head tube and headset, the stem anchors the fork and then the bars attach to the stem, so the answer is the fork and stem.

Will grit forks fit a mgp?

Yes but you need a spacer to put in between the bars and the headset because the mad gear head tube is smaller than the average headtube.