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Sycamore seeds do not have wings (see link). Possibly owing to the similarity between the shapes of the leaves, many people have mis-identified maple trees as sycamores and have posted the pictures of maple seeds (which do have wings) claiming them to be sycamore.

Sycamore seeds are very small and form as a compact green ball about the size of a ping-pong ball. As these balls ripen, they turn brown and disintegrate into fluffy masses of seeds. A single seed would resemble a shuttlecock from Badminton with an overall length of maybe 1 cm.

Now, to your question: A single sycamore seed would fall faster if its 'parachute' were smaller because it would have less air resistance. The problem is, you hardly ever see them as a single seed. You see small cotton-like puffs containing hundreds of seeds blowing through the air.

If you progressively trim the wings on a maple seed, you will soon hit a point where the mass of the seed will overcome the optimum angle of attack for the wing and it will simply fall without rotating. Up to that point, by reducing the length of the wing you will be decreasing the wing's air resistance and its rotational inertia. The seed will spin faster and faster as its drop speed increases slightly owing to the decreased lift of the shorter wing and reduced wind resistance.

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Q: Will a sycamore seed fall faster with shorter wing span?
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How the fruit of sycamore is designed to disperse seed?

Sycamore has wings which helps them to disperse easily.

What is sycamore adaptation?

the light and small feathers helps the sycamore seed to disperse from its parent plant..

Where does the sycamore tree have its seed box?

The seed box of a sycamore tree is commonly found hanging from the branches and is known as a spherical cluster of fuzzy balls. These seed balls contain the seeds of the sycamore tree and typically persist on the tree throughout the winter months.

Where does the sycamore tree have its seedbox?

Where does the syamore tree have its seed box?

How do laburnum seeds disperse?

The seed pods have small 'wings' on them (similar to sycamore seeds). This gives them resistance as they fall - and they float for a short distance away from the parent tree.

How far does a sycamore seed fly when it is dispersed?

It approximately travels from 10-100m

How is a sycamore seed dispersed?

When the seed breaks from the sycamore tree, its 'wing' makes it spin, but also makes its decent slower. This means that it can move further away from its parent tree when it falls, especially if there is a breeze or some wind.

How sycamore seeds are dispersed?

By the Wind

What is the adaptation for the sycamore seed?

The adaptation for the sycamore seed is its "helicopter-like" wing structure that helps it disperse through the air more effectively. This adaptation allows the seed to be carried away from the parent tree, increasing its chances of finding a suitable environment for germination and growth.

What is the seed adaptation of sycamore seed?

it get's despersed easily when it flies through the air and seeds disperse in the atmosphere and produce a new plant

What is a sycamores adaptation?

the light and small feathers helps the sycamore seed to disperse from its parent plant..

Do big or little seeds grow faster?