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Q: Will a sharpie damage rubber on a ping pong paddle?
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Do you get two pieces of ping pong paddle rubber when you buy it?

Each package comes with two piece's of rubber, which covers both sides

What type of ping pong paddle makes the ping pong ball go the furthest?

A heavy paddle

What do they mean by 1 sheet of rubber for a ping pong paddle Does that mean it will cover both sides or just one?

One sheet of rubber will cover one side of a blade.

How to get a ping pong paddle in club penguin?

I dont think you can get a ping pong paddle but during the fall fair or something you can play a game called "Puffle Paddle"

Where does the word ping pong originate from?

Well, an ancient being from centuries ago hit a ping pong ball with his or her paddle. When the ball hit the paddle it made a 'ping' sound. The ball rebounded of the paddle and hit the table, making a 'pong' sound. Ping pong was then born.

Where can one buy an original Butterfly Ping Pong paddle?

An original Butterfly Ping Pong paddle may be purchased through Butterfly Online and eBay. One may choose a new paddle or a used paddle for a cheaper cost.

Can you ping in blackberry curve?

yes it has a ping-pong game ..believe its called paddle

How do you play ping pong on a calculator?

Use it as the paddle.

Who invented Paddle Ping-Pong?

I.C Yu invented ping pong in China.

What sport is a wooden curved paddle used in?

Ping Pong

What does it mean when a guy play hits u with a ping pong paddle and smiles?

When a guy play hits you with a ping pong paddle and smiles, he may be acting silly because he is attracted to you.

How do you spell ping pong paddle in spanish?

Raqueta de pimpón