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Q: Why would you like to participate in basketball tennis and ping pong?
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What sport is played every summer in williamsport that every teenage boy would like to participate in.?


Volleyball is a combination of what 3 sports?

soccer, basketball, and ice hockey its kinda like water polo on land...

Should you take tennis or volleyball for sports?

I would have to say tennis. This is because well in basketball you have to be a certain height but in tennis it doesn't matter plus basketball isn't really my forte' so this answer is kinda a opinion based answer cause U mite think basketball is better thatz wat U think nd this what I think

What sport does Harry Styles like?

he likes all of them but his favorites are basketball, soccer, and tennis.

What is the main sport in Guatemala?

we play most of the sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and Football(american)

Does Kristen Stewart like sport?

Yes, She played soccer and basketball when she was little. She said that she loves to surf,and plays tennis,basketball,and runs to stay in shape.

Are sports safe?

It depends what sport, boxing and Wrestling are not the safest sports, but things like tennis and Basketball are safe. It all depends on what sport you are talking about!

What other sports use a small ball like a baseball?

ping pong,tennis,and handball,basketball,cricket,and

What kind of sports are played in Texas?

Texans like to play baseball, basketball, and football, some tennis and volleyball.

What are Lester B Pearson's hobbies?

loves playing sports like hockey, tennis, lacrosse, basketball and baseball

What does Jimmy Carter like?

hobbies are basketball football to run cross courtry tennis softball bowling fishing

What are the main sports people like to play?

All Sports really. Mainly Football. Tennis,Basketball,Netball. etc