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Lance Armstrong is a world class professional cyclist, in 1996 Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, it had spread into his lungs and brain doctors only gave him a 40% chance to live. In 1999 he made a comeback to cycling and did what no one thought was possible, win the Tour De France. He went on to win 7 more times in a row and he currently holds the world record of winning the most hardest race in cycling, the Tour De France. He recently made yet another comeback in August of 2008 and is currently racing for pro cycling team Astana with no pay.

Lately his fame has pretty much turned to notoriety, when he confessed to long terms systematic use of doping, and was stripped of his TdF titles.

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Lance Armstrong is a professional cyclist from America. He won the Tour de France multiple times. He had to forfeit some of his titles due to accusations of performance enhancing drugs.

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Q: Why was Lance Armstrong famous?
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