Why the magic tee is called the magic tee?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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If by means of a suitable internal structure, the E-plane (difference) and H-plane (sum) ports are simultaneously matched, then by symmetry, reciprocity and conservation of energy it may be shown that the two collinear ports are also matched, and are magicallyisolated from each other.

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Q: Why the magic tee is called the magic tee?
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Why a magic tee is called so?

if we fed signal at h arm of tee it is divided to collinear parts equally without phase difference its magic so magic tee

What are the different applications of magic tee?

The magic tee can be used as a power combiner, or a divider.

What is the magic in magic tee?

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What is the other name for Magic Tee?

hybrid tee

What is the use of magic tee in microwave cricut?

Magic Tee is used for transferring power (high / low) from one port to another port.

Applications of magic tee?

hii i am jaykishan from rajkot magic tee used as power combiner and power divider it used as isolator too

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Who invented tr switch in radar?

Probably invented in WW2, so concealed from view till war was over. Tyrell of Bell labs published a paper in 1947 in IEEE journal on it. Also called Magic Tee..For the curious, the problem is that you have a radar waveguide through which you transmit say 1kW pulses off your dish antenna. The signal travels out, is reflected from the target, and returns to our microwave dish and is fed to the receiver.But you don't want the 1kW output pulse to appear on the input of the sensitive receiver, for that will burn it out; or at least have deleterious effect.The magic tee is an assembly of 1/4 wave and 1/2 wave pieces of waveguide such that while the transmitter is operating, the receiver has a short across the input. But due to the magic of wavelength reflectors, when the wave reflected from the target reaches the magic tee, is sees an open path to the receiver input. Commonly called magic tee, for you can look straight through the wave guide. Also called Transmit Receive (TR) switch