Why is my new BMX bike making a noise?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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This question is too general. You'll have to specify where you think the noise is coming from: the chair, the gears, the wheels and so on.

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Q: Why is my new BMX bike making a noise?
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What should you do if you want a new bmx bike?

Save up money for it

How much does the 01 Dyno NFX BMX Bike cost?

$189.00 brand new

Is a stolen bmx bike good?

its good for the price and the frame is strong but the brakes are weak

Where is it possible to buy a new seat for a BMX bicycle?

There are many places where one can purchase a new seat for a BMX bicycle. This includes a specialist bike store as well as online retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

Is 450 a good deal Ina new bmx bike?

There's absolutely no way of telling w/o knowing what bike and what currency you're talking about.

How much would an Eastern bike cost?

depending on which model, a new eastern bmx bike would cost anywhere between 400 to 600 for a good bike. check out this is where i get everything for my bikes

What is a good price for a bmx bike?

No way to tell. It will depend on what you expect from the bike, how much you are willing to spend, what currency you're talking about, if you intend to buy new or used, etc etc.

Should i get the FBM marauder V2 bmx bike?

i have this bike, to start off with its okay but i have brought new bars, forks, grips, and whole new back wheel. looks great. this is a good bike for a beginner, but once you start getting better definitely start upgrading parts, overall great bike.

You are 11 looking for a job any suggestions saving up for a new bmx bike?

you cut down unwanted blackberry bushes (THIS IS FROM AN 11 YEAR OLD)

What is the most expensive mountain bike on the world?

I saw a bike in the mbuk magazine a couple of years ago and it was retailing at £20,000 new I think it was a Scott or cannondale but can't be sure. I also heard that the freeride nutter known as josh bender has a bike worth about £15,000 check him out on YouTube he's a living legend.

How do you make a bmx bike have back pedal?

You need the right kind of hub for that. If you haven't, buying a new rear wheel - with the right kind of hub - is probably the sensible option.

Is voodoo ogun a good bmx?

no they are crap brought mine from halfords brand new had to replace the chain 3 times in 1 year and not worth the money what they are the best thing to do if you want a bmx is to get an x rated one or a costumed one from ebay :)