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Q: Why is ivo karlovic called doctor Reagovat?
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Why is ivo karlovic called doctor?

Dr. Ivo is phonetically similar to Dr. Evil (a character in the movie Austin powers). He doesnt not have a Ph.D as many imagine.

Who has a better serve Ivo Karlovic or John Isner?

Ivo Karlovic has a better serve then John Isner, he has a faster serve and gets more aces. John Isner does not get as many aces as Ivo and does not have a faster serve. I think Karlovic can beat Isner in a match!!

How tall is ivo karlovic?

Professional tennis player, Ivo Karlovic, is 6 feet 10 inches tall. He was born in Zagreb, Croatia on February 28, 1979.

Who served the fastest serve ever?

Ivo Karlovic

Who served the most aces in 2007?

Ivo Karlovic : 1318

First player to serve over 1000 aces in a season?

ivo karlovic

Fastest recorded service speed of a tennis ball?

The fastest ever serve recorded; 251 Km/h, was by Ivo Karlovic.

Highest number of aces in a match by whom?

Ivo Karlovic served 55 Aces and lost against Lleyton Hewitt in 1st Round of French Open 2009.

Which male tennis player has the fastest recorded serve?

Ivo Karlovic, 156 MPH (251 KPH) during the Davis Cup in Zagreb, Germany on March 5 2011.

Who has the third most aces over the duration of the whole tournament at Wimbledon?

in the women:Alicia Molic And in the men's : Ivo Karlovic the most aces is from Serena Williams and John Isner. i hoped that answered your about the third aces at Wimbledon

Who invented the pingas?

Doctor Ivo Rrrobotnik

Can you give me the list of 10 tallest current male tennis players?

Ivo Karlovic, John Isner, Jerzy Jansceicz, Mario Ancic, Mark Phillipoussis, Sam Querrey, Zivojinovic, Ivanisovic, Marc Rosset, Chris Guccione