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With running, your feet and legs have to take a fairly sharp impact at every step. You don't get that while bicycling. Apart from that there's not much difference. If you push equally hard for equally long you get the same exercise.

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You are able to reach higher speeds on a bicycle and maintain speed while exerting less energy; You can begin to pedal on a bike, then you can sit back and roll.

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Q: Why is it easier to bicycle a mile than it is run a mile?
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What event consists of a 2.4 mile swim a 112 mile bicycle ride and a 26.2 mile run?

The event is known as the Ironman Triathlon.

Would be easier to run a one mile race or a one kilometer race?

Kilometers are shorter, if that's easier.

How many laps in a 25 meter pool would equal the same effort not distance in running a mile which is much easier than swimming a mile what would your estimate be for a mile swim to equal a mile run?

It so much depends on how fast you run and how fast you swim and what type of stroke, and your weight. But roughly, say you run a 10 minute mile you burn 100 calories; say you swim 12 laps (300 meters) in 10 minutes you burn about the same 100 calories. A mile is 1600 meters, so a mile swim is a about a 5 mile run. Or 12 laps is about a mile run

Why can you much more easily ride a bicycle for a mile on level ground than run the same distance?

Because the bike can roll along, meaning you can spend all effort on going forward as opposed to having to work to remain upright.

Give me 5 examples of long races?

A long distance race is any running event on the track that is longer than 3000m. This includes such events as the 3000m run, the 3000m steeplechase, the 3200m run, the two mile run, the three mile run, 5000m run, five mile run, six mile run, and 10000m run, and so on.

Fastest person to run the quarter mile?

Michael Johnson could run 400m (about a few meters shorter that a quarter mile) faster than anyone else.

How do you run a half mile in four minutes?

Practice and training. The record for a mile is less than 4 minutes, so half a mile should be easy.

Will running cross country help make a half mile faster or slower?

Yes, it will make you run half a mile a lot faster. If you can do 3 miles then you can run a half mile much faster than before.

How many quarters in a mile run?

There are four quarters in a mile run.

How mph can quarter horses reach?

quarter horses have been clocked at 55mph (88.5k) in the quarter mile.

What is the fastest time run by a high school student in Minnesota for the mile?

If I can run a 4.42 mile what do think I should run in the two mile

How many calories does a 4 mile run burn for a 140 pound woman?

That's a fast mile. If you are fit enough to run that fast, I would say no more than 100 calories.