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Q: Why hollow shaft has greater strength and stiffness than solid shaft of the same weight?
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Can a concrete boat float?

Yes- because they are not a solid block of concrete- they are hollow with a large air space. The weight of the water displaced is greater than the weight of the hollow concrete hull, and it will float.

Is the hockey o stick hollow?

the reebok o stick is semi hollow so to say. from about a inch above the "o's" or holes inthe stick there is black foam in the shaft and blade for support and strength. from there up the stick is hollow for the rest of the shaft. the reason behind the holes in the shaft of the stick is for weight savings and strength. if you look closely at the holes they are not perfectly round they are oval and that is for strength as an arch displase stress better.

What is the purpose of using a titanium frame?

Titanium bicycle frames offer a high degree of strength for a relatively light weight with fairly good stiffness and little to no corrosion over time.

Why I- section is prefereed for connecting rod?

The "I-section" is preferred for connecting rods because it offers high strength and stiffness while minimizing weight. This structural design helps to efficiently transmit the forces and loads experienced by the connecting rod during engine operation, contributing to overall performance and durability.

Why do hollow things float?

Hollow things float because they displace a volume of water greater than their own weight. This creates an upward buoyant force that keeps them afloat. The empty space inside the hollow object decreases its overall density, allowing it to float on the water's surface.

Why a bicycle frame has hollow pipes other than solid metal bars?

Because most of the strength of a cylindrical piece is in the outer layer, so by using pipes you get a better strength-to-weight ratio than by using solid bars.

How do the hollow bones in a bird affect their flight?

Hollow bones have a better strength to weight ratio allowing the birds to be lighter. A lighter bird can fly faster and glide better providing better efficiency (more work per unit of energy expended).

Why are the cross sections of metal beam in the shape of the letter I instead of solid rectangles?

for greater strength and increased moment for the same weight

Why is hollow steel pipe stronger than solid steel?

For a given outer diameter, the solid shaft is stronger, but it weighs more.For a given weight, the hollow shaft is stronger because it has a bigger diameter.due to less weight & less bending moment..............the resultant bending moment for a solid pipe is much larger than for a hollow one because of their weight difference

What is the weight of a hollow block?


What is the weight of hollow blocks?


Why will a hollow boat made of plasticine float?

A hollow boat made of plasticine will float because the overall density of the boat is lower than the density of water. The buoyant force acting on the boat is greater than its weight, allowing it to float on the water's surface.