Why don't fish play tennis?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Are u F*$#@!* serious?

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Q: Why don't fish play tennis?
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How do you play tennis on grass?

You play tennis on grass the same as clay or any other surface. The ground needs to be hard and the grass short. It is fun to play on but the ball doesn't move as fast i dont think.

Do narwhals play tennis?

i think they play everything but tennis its bluewhales that play tennis

What was the purpose of tennis being invented?

so that people who dont play real sports can stay active

What is the future tense of play?

will play - I will play tennis with you. going to play - We are going to play tennis tomorrow am / is / are playing - They are playing tennis on the weekend.

How do you play fish-co hacked without download?

I Dont Really Know

How many phases of play are there in tennis?

There are 5 phases of play in tennis

What sports do girls play in Nigeria?

Hockey Tennis Water Polo Go Fish Extreme Nigerian Golf Crocket Cricket

Who was tennis played by?

every one who wants to play tennis can play tennis but thay will suck just like you

Why do tennis players like to play with new balls?

Because they bounce more. And they have more air in them so they dont go flat.

Can you play tennis on the planet Saturn?

yes you can play tennis on the planet Saturn

Why do you use tennis balls?

To play tennis.

Who can play tennis?

Millions of people play tennis. From high school tennis teams to professional tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, people all over the world play tennis.