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1. Because boys are a little bit stronger then girls. Girls only can play so much or they might get hurt. They get the same prize because it is really unfair if the boys got more money then girls. And maybe because girls would stop playing tennis!!!

2. In the Women's Australian Open Tennis final last night only 15 games were played and the match took only 1hr 20mins to play. That's about as long as it takes one hard fought set to play in men's tennis . Organisers charged less to attend the women's final yet they get same prize. There is only one answer for why this is happening and that has to be chivalry

3. The reason as to why women only have to win 2 sets is entirely down to tradition. Women have historically always played best of 3 whereas men have played best of 5. Incidentally there is no reason why women shouldn't play 5 sets, the suggestion that a professional, top level athlete wouldn't be able to cope with lasting 5 sets of tennis "because boys are a little bit stronger" is frankly laughable. Women seem to cope perfectly well playing the same amount of time (or travelling the same distance) as men in a vast array of physically demanding sports (association football, Rugby, hockey, marathon running, olympic triathlon etc.)

They get the same pay due to years of lobbying by female players and feminists which resulted to tournament organisers caving into pressure despite the fact it flies in the face of all reason (due to their shorter matches the average pay for women players in the first round at wimbledon 2007 was £481.92 a game - compared with £284.70 for men).

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Q: Why do women play 2 sets in tennis to win a match and men play three and then they expect and get the same prize money?
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What is the prize money in French Tennis Open for 2011?

1,120,000 Pound

Which female tennis player earned the most prize money?

Maria Sharapova with 26millions $

How much has kim clijsters gotten in prize money in tennis tournaments?

It is 1,600,000 USD

Do you get paid to play in US Open tennis?

You don't get paid, but you do receive prize money.

How much total naudel earn from tennis?

Rafael Nadal has earned $50,061,827 in prize money.

What tennis opens have equal prize money for men and women?

The US Open and the Australian Open.

Who gets the man of the match prize money?

All the 15 members team share it.

How much is the Wimbledon prize money for singles winner? 78935 euro for singles winner in 2012

How are tennis players paid in tournaments By number of games won or number of matches won or number of rounds they advance?

Professional Tennis playes are awared prize money by the number of rounds they advance in a tournament offering prize money. Also, bonus dollars are awarded for matches won in the various series events (i.e. US open series, Masters Cup events) . In addition, Olympic and Davis Cup type matches do not award prize money for players based upon advancing in the tournament. Some tennis playes are provided apperance fees to play in a demonstration match regardless of the outcome.

What is the prize for winning an olympic game?

Gold, silver, or bronze. And some money I expect, from your sponsors.

Who did Billie Jean King play in the exhibition match?

On September 20, 1973 Billie Jean King played a tennis match against Bobby Riggs. The match was called "The Battle of the Sexes". The match was played in Texas at the Houston Astrodome. Riggs had publicly stated that women's tennis was inferior to men's tennis and that no women could beat him in tennis. The prize money for the match was $100,000 with the entire amount going to the winner. King easily defeated Riggs and became a hero in women's tennis.