Why do tigers jump so high?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: Why do tigers jump so high?
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What cats jump high?

tigers jump 10 to 12 feet high

What kind of cats jump high?

tigers jump 10 to 12 feet high

Can white tigers jump high?

White tigers are merely a color phase of the Bengal tiger. A Bengal tiger can clear nine foot barriers with ease.

Why do the jumping spiders jump so high?

they jump so hog high because they need to be able to catch their prey

How does sonic jump so high?

sonic legs can move at the speed of sound which means they are very powerful so he can jump very high with ease

Do bananas jump?

I you feed them a waffle they should jump an inch or so but if you feed them a peanut they will jump a mile high.

How high can Dwyane Wade jump?

Micheal Jordan can jump up to 4 feet high.

How far can a Sumatran tiger jump?

how high can a tiger jumpThe tiger can jump 16 feet straight up

How does Gary Cahill jump so high?


How high can average male jump?

I High jump for my school so I would say 2 feet shy of his own height when he starts out.

Do American eskimo dogs jump high?

They can in proportion to their bodies, but they are a small dog, so it wouldn't be as high as some larger dogs can jump.

Why do grasshopper jump high?

So they can run away from predators