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Grass (roots) will choke itself to death, aerating provides a better growth environment. Putting greens are aerated once a year on most Golf courses and the holes are filled in with sand..

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Q: Why do they aerate the greens on the golf course?
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How many greens are there in the golf course?

There are an equal number of greens as there are holes on the course. This will almost always be 18.

What is a common area on a golf course?

Tees, greens, faiways, bunkers, rough etc.

Explain the slope rating on a golf course?

Slope rating is the difficulty of the golf course. The higher the rating, then the more difficult one should have. The greens are faster, the course is hilly, and there are many more bunkers.

What does through the green mean in golf?

Through the green refers to all areas of a golf course, except the greens, teeing grounds and hazards.

Where is Clifton Hollow golf course?

Clifton Hollow Golf Course is a beautiful course in River Falls, Wisconsin, USA. Golfers come from all over the area to golf at this 27-hole course. The greens are in great shape, the course offers fun challenges, and the staff is welcoming.

What is a green keeper?

A green keeper in golf terms is simply someone who maintains a golf course. They cut the fairways, greens and rough. They also maintain the bunkers, and keep the greens in good condition with the use of hollow tining etc.

What has the author David Louthain written?

David Louthain has written: 'Woodland Greens golf course development' -- subject(s): Designs and plans, Golf courses

What is place of golf to play golf homophone to rough?

A place to play golf that is a homophone of "rough" is "fair." Golf courses are made up of fairways, greens, and hazards like sand traps and water bodies. The fairway is the groomed part of the course that leads from the tee box to the green.

Where is the Playa Dorada golf course?

The Playa Dorada golf course is located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The golf course is nestled in on the Northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Well kept greens, and flat ground make for outstanding play. Not to mention a light ocean breeze to cool of avid golfers.

What sports are greens and tees in?


What age can you use a greens mower on a golf course?

Assuming that it is private property and it does not involve going on or across a public road, any age.

Does frost really damage golf greens?