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She was out of the kitchen.

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Q: Why did tiger woods get beat up by his wife?
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What do you do when your bf smiles when his ex's name comes up?

beat him with a golf club like tiger woods wife

What is Tiger Woods big scandal?

He was cheating on his wife with up to 18 women.

What inspires Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods always tried to beat the records of his idol Jack Nicklaus. And like all of us he looked up to his mum and dad.

Did Tiger Woods break up with his wife?

Yes. He and wife Elin Nordgren divorced in 2010 (married 2004).

Who hooked up Tiger Woods with his wife?

Tiger met Elin through Jesper Parnevik. She was the nanny to Jesper's children.

Who did Tiger Woods look up to?

When he was growing up, Tiger Woods' idol was Jack Nicklaus.

Is Tiger Woods a player?

Tiger Woods is a professional Golf Player, read up on his achievements because he's a brilliant player.

Why did Joanna Jagoda and Tiger Woods break up?

Earl Woods didnt like her.

Did Tiger Woods sign up for the draft?

No he didn't.

Should Tiger Woods be hated forever?

Yes!!! Tiger Woods used to be a legand, but screwed his life up by cheating with 14+ women! what a fake !

What is the value of a Tiger Woods autographed photo?

$500 and up.

Who is Tiger Woods biggest influence?

When he was growing up it was probably Jack Nicklaus and his father Earl Woods.