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Like it or not, Tiger Woods, playing or not, winning or not, dominates every single aspect of Golf. Yes it wasn't very classy talking about Tiger when Rory was receiving his trophy but Tiger Woods is always the center of attention.

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Q: Why did Nick Faldo and Jim Nantz embarrass the game of golf talking about Tiger when Rory McIllroy was receiving his victory trophy would Nick like someone talking about Nicklaus at the Masters?
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Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in 1963?

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Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in 1972?

Jack Nicklaus.

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After four rounds of the 1966 Masters Jack Nicklaus, Gay Brewer, and Tommy Jacobs were tied at even par 288. An 18 hole playoff on Monday saw Nicklaus shoot 70 and win the tournament with Jacobs shooting a 72 and Brewer shooting a 78. Nicklaus won $20,000 (compare that to the 2008 winner's $1.35 million), Jacobs won $12,300 and Brewer won $8,300.

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