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Q: Why are you chosing this course?
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Can you declare bankruptcy after losing a personal injury lawsuit?

Yes. Whether it will discharge the award isn't certain...and of course EVERYTHING YOU OWN AND EVERYTHING YOU picking and included in the BK.

Where is matty bs favourite place?

Mattybrapz have not chosing a place

How do you get John terry?

by chosing a upper pack of match attax

How do you get mudkip after chosing a different Pokemon?

Have a friend trade you one.

A rule to chose between extremes?

"When chosing between two goods, chose both.When chosing between two evils, chose neither."(I think its a Robert Burns qoute, but I may be wrong... )

Is it correct to sayThank you for chosing me?

depends what you were chosen for if it was a good thing then yes

Can you do diploma instead of chosing mpc in inter?

no we can't do diploma in enter...........

What is the probability of choosing a queen a king from a standard deck of playing cards?

If you mean chosing both cards - the odds are 1 in 169. If you mean chosing either a king or a queen - the odds are 1 in 13

Who wrot the famous speech a time fror chosing?

Ronald Wilson Reagon

Why was the city of Jackson chosen as the state capital?

Because they felt like chosing it

What does a great taste in fashion?

good in acceceries to wear, good at chosing clothes

How do you chose staff?

chosing staff check education ,age,health,body,experience,