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Because they extend four inches below the knees

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Q: Why are golf trousers called plus fours?
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What are mens golf trousers?

plus fours

Tweed suits from England are called?

Plus Fours

What should I buy for a golf lover?

There are branches of the chain "The Golf Shop" all over the country. They sell all sorts of golf related merchandise, from clubs and plus fours to golf themed hot water bottle covers. There's bound to be something suitable for your uncle!

Where would one shop for Plus Fours?

Based on the type of clothing Plus Fours are, it would seem that one could possibly buy them at an upscale golf store that also sells clothing. One might also find them at a store that features "turn of the century" clothing as they are based off of "knickerbockers". If those options don't pan out, there is an online store called Archival Clothing that claims to sell them.

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What type of pants are best for golf?

Most golfers simply wear chinos, but the ones Payne Stewart for example used to wear with long socks are called 'plus fours'.

Where can someone purchase plus size ladies golf clothing?

Plus Athletic online has plus size ladies golf clothes in sizes XL, 2XL and 3XL. Loris Golf Shop has a large selection of women's plus sizes. Their clothes are very colorful.

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