Why are coasts uneven?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: Why are coasts uneven?
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Why are coasts called coasts?

because the bloody are

Where do most Democratics states seem to cluster in the US?

The coasts and Great LakesFor Apex :)

What does uneven distribution means?

An uneven distribution means that an area which is uneven to the area beside the area which is uneven

What is the prefix of uneven?

The prefix of "uneven" is "un-".

What are coasts like east coast or west coasts?

coats are like rivers..

Can you swim in an uneven pool?

yes, of course you can swin in a/n uneven pool.most pools are uneven.

What is uneven distribution in farming?

uneven distribution in farming is referring to the uneven distribution of rain fall

Does Japan have any coasts?

Japan is an island thus all sides of the island are coasts.

How do you spell uneven?

That is the correct spelling of "uneven" (not aligned).

Why is Australia's population distribution uneven?

Australia's population distribution is uneven primarily due to the country's geographical features, with much of the land being arid and unsuitable for settlement. The majority of the population is concentrated in urban areas along the coast where more favorable conditions exist for living and economic activities. Additionally, historical patterns of colonization and development have also influenced the uneven distribution of population in Australia.

Where on the coasts of America can pirates be found?

Pirates are not found on the coasts of America, they are found on the coast of Somalia.

Name two states that are on opposite coasts?

California and Georgia are on opposite coasts.